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When you stare into the eyes of Jermaine Clarkson aka “JLC,” it’s very surreal. Over 20 years of pain, setbacks, incarceration, peaks and valleys, passion, & success.  The pure genius of JLC is his ability to transform sharp visuals into beautiful poems of music.  JLC delivers lyrics which captivates the imagination & appeals to your innermost fantasies & realities.  


“Do My Thizzle” is a candy paint boxed Chevy sitting on 28-inch rims riding down the streets on Houston on a Friday night.  “Do My Thizzle” heavy bass lines & hustler’s lyrics is a classic ride out & nightclub music.  When JLC says “in the zone when I roll out, big bank before I cash out, switch lanes before I burn out, snitches get sniffed out.”  Every bonafide hustler can relate and understand what it means to “flip bread like a beef patty.”  


JLC’s largest Spotify debut “Michael Blackson” is another anthem for the ladies & nightclubs.  The track “Michael Blackson” has the perfect combination of signature ad-libs, bass, keys, & an infectious chorus.  The lyrics are simple, magnetic, & invokes a hood karaoke style flow.  Everybody in the club screams “AYE, CAN I GET JIGGA WIT IT.”  JLC creates music that resonates with the soul of his listeners. JLC understands mission in music and how to deliver his gift to the world.  


The streets of Fort Worth, Texas are cold, brutal, unforgiving, & unpredictable.  JLC is the rose which grew from concrete in Fort Worth.  When he rides through his city with no roof or tint on his coupe, the people salute, stare, & cheer.  To become a “People’s Champ,” you must be certified in all 4 corners of the city and JLC was stamped at birth.  JLC has several business ventures launching in 2019 which include his clothing line, online distribution, social media chat platform, & more.  Jermaine Clarkson aka JLC is “The Last of a Dying Breed.” 



The New ERA of Music!!!

P.O. BOX 621

Terrell, TX. 75160


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